Wilderness- uncultivated, dry, barren, wasteland   Do you know why you’re in the wilderness? What if I told you that you needed to understand what kind of wilderness season you’re in to go through it and come out of it with a new fire? Sometimes we go through dry seasons and they were never something … More wilderness

Te queremos conocer Jesus “we want to know you Jesus” (the cry of the Mexican people).

I felt it the second my black and white vans hit the busy asphalt streets in Mexico. My heart knew what the city was longing for. There was an ease in my step, an excitement in my soul as I knew we were about to encounter the hungry ones. You could feel it in the … More Te queremos conocer Jesus “we want to know you Jesus” (the cry of the Mexican people).

let heaven come

In John 14:12 Jesus says, “very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” we are called as believers to walk in miracles signs and wonders. Witnessing healings and sharing the … More let heaven come


spin, spin, spin. twirl, twirl, twirl. Like a mother spins her daughter around, carefree and joyful, fully trusting in the person holding her tiny hands to not let go, so does our Heavenly Father do to us. He spins us around, our feet ever so light as they are lifted off of the ground. He … More wonder


women have been perpetrated by the system’s this society has made tolerable for too long, and I’m done with not standing in the gap. Women are so much more than an object of men’s desire for self gratification. They are more than a cat call, a one night stand, and a text back. Women are … More reach

brick by brick

Brown bricks, stack em high, stack em wide. Build, build, build. Smear the grey cement and slab it on thick. Place it on top of the previous one, building on what’s already there. How high can you build? How strong can you make your wall? Build, build, build. How high is high enough? However high … More brick by brick

Relentless Pursuit

    To be content is an interesting concept. It means we are fine with how things are, not really expecting anything to happen, and most likely not ready/ wanting something big and out of the blue to take place. To be content, can also mean to be in control. When we are the ones … More Relentless Pursuit