Relentless Pursuit




To be content is an interesting concept. It means we are fine with how things are, not really expecting anything to happen, and most likely not ready/ wanting something big and out of the blue to take place. To be content, can also mean to be in control. When we are the ones in control, we tend to be content because we could orchestrate things in the way and order that we want to happen. Being in control leads to being content. We plan our identity, our days, making sure as not to leave any room for those things to have the possibility to change. Change makes us uncomfortable and most of us, more than we care to admit, don’t like being uncomfortable. It goes back to control. If we are in charge, we can choose a life that is comfortable and predictable.

These three concepts: being content, comfortable and in control, are what I believe to be some of the biggest reasons our churches aren’t seeing breakthrough the way Christ has planned, and the reason why the nations aren’t getting a full glimpse of the gospel message.

To not be content means to constantly be ready for whatever God wants you to do. Whether that’s praying for someone He gives you a word for, having to work through personal sin that He’s revealed to us, or calling us into unknown situations that we don’t necessarily choose to be in.

If I’m being honest, I’ve sat in a state of being content for too long. I liked knowing what came next, I enjoyed planning things for the future, and I loved having control of my own life. If I was in control, it meant I wouldn’t get hurt, I wouldn’t be in uncomfortable situations, and I wouldn’t ever be pushed out of my comfort zone. And I was ok with that for years.

But the past two years or so, God has been showing me and leading me into a state of not being in control.

A few days ago on my way to Bethel, I was in an Oklahoma hotel and I just broke down. I realized I had been feeling pretty numb the past few days, because I know I haven’t abandoned my heart completely to God in this area. I had been disappointed in myself lately and feeling really discouraged. I needed a good cry, but felt like I had nothing in me to even let that emotion out. So I did the only thing I knew to do. I played worship music and just started praising God. The song said, “I’ll praise Him because He’s good. Even when I don’t see it. Even when I don’t believe it.” At that moment, I let God completely see me in my raw and vulnerable state. And do you know what? He filled me with over-whelming peace, He spoke truth over me, telling me how precious I was to Him and that He saw me in a beautiful light. I cried out from a complete state of desperation; desperate for adventure. I’ve come to a place where I am no longer ok with being content. I’m not ok with being a Christian that can’t see God actively working in mine and others lives. I’m not ok with sitting back and hearing the miracle stories, the healings, the prophecies around me. I want in, and I want to run after God with reckless abandon. I refuse to be a “half-way” Christian. For me, it’s all in or nothing. So many Christians get stuck in an area of content, and never radically pursue the heart of the Father. This might be one of the most tragic things, because they keep themselves from getting a true revelation of who Jesus is, what he stands for, and the true plans he has for their everyday lives.

I think this following story from, When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson, describes the nature of the Father’s heart exceptionally well…

“Most of the Pharisees spent their lives serving God without ever discovering the Father’s heart! Jesus offended these religious leaders most because he demonstrated what the Father wanted. While the Pharisees thought God was concerned about the sabbath, Jesus worked to help the ones the sabbath was created for. These leaders were accustomed to the miracles of the scriptures remaining in the past. But Jesus broke into their comfort zones by ushering the supernatural into their cities. With every miracle, He showed the entire community the Father’s business. For them to adapt, everything would have to be overhauled. It was easier to brand him a liar, declaring his works to be of the devil and eventually killing this one who reminded them of what had to be changed. Understanding that the Father’s business has to do with signs and wonders is no guarantee that we will truly fulfill God’s purpose for our lives. It is much more than doing miracles, or even getting conversions. The supernatural interventions of God were done to reveal the extravagant heart of the Father for people. Every miracle is a revelation of His nature. And in that revelation, is embedded an invitation for relationship.”

So that’s what I plan to do with my time at Bethel. To pursue the heart of the Father with reckless abandon.To let Him take me so far out of my comfort zone, because that is when I am in the center of His will.


Look for more posts to come regarding my journey at Bethel!!!


Luke 11:10- For everyone who asks and keeps on asking receives, and he who seeks and keeps on seeking finds, and to him who knocks and keeps on knocking, the door shall be opened.



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