women have been perpetrated by the system’s this society has made tolerable for too long, and I’m done with not standing in the gap. Women are so much more than an object of men’s desire for self gratification. They are more than a cat call, a one night stand, and a text back. Women are worth being pursued because they carry value and worth. We haven’t reached the dark realms of sex trafficking overnight. We’ve created a space for it by the pornographic culture we are consumed in/being consumed by. While there are so many different factors that play a role in this horrific situation, I am super passionate about others coming to terms with their identity. When we as women start to fully come to terms with our identity and worth, we leave no space for degradation or disrespect.
A woman who knows her worth is priceless and powerful. •Will you stand in the gap for women that have lost their voice to fight against injustice or will she end up as another statistic because we tolerated what society deems as “the new normal” around sex and love • 


you are powerful, you’re voice deserves to be heard, you deserve to be listened to, you are worth it. you are more than enough.

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