there’s beauty in it all

the sound of the ocean tide rolling in, the water lightly splashing against your face, as you lick the saltiness from your lips

laughter around a table, smells encircling the room as the meal makes its way to hungry bellies

the tears of a friend as she confides in you, and you know lending a listening ear is the best you can do

overlooking the high peaks of the mountains, the rolling hills that seem to have no end in sight

there’s beauty in it all

the warm summer night breeze pressed up against your cheek as you roll the windows down to feel the freedom a little bit more

the church pew that first got you asking answers to all life’s biggest questions

the cackling of a fire on a cold winters night, warming your chilled body as you snuggle in tight

the walk with a friend that you can pick up right where you left off

there’s beauty in it all

experiences and moments that shape us, memories that define us

they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I long to be the beholder that sees the beauty in my own story, in my own life.

In my own humanity and complexities

In your own own humanity and complexities

Behold, you are the holder of beauty and the lens in which you see your story is placed in the eyes of the beholder

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